Table Of Contents

| Task 1||
1.0. Introduction 1
1.1. Background Of Company 1
2.0. Internal Influences
Culture Organization 2
2.1. Products Or Services 2
2.2. Organization Structure 2 – 3
2.3. Communication 3
2.4. Operation/Production 3
2.5. Core Competences 4
2.6. Policies 4
2.7. R & D/Innovation 4
2.8. Mission, Vision And Goal 5
2.9. SWOT Analysis 5 – 6
3.0. External Influence
3.1. PESTLE Analysis 6 – 7
3.1.1 Political 7
3.1.2 Economic 7
3.1.3 Socio-Cultural 7
3.1.4 Technology 7
3.1.5 Environmental and Legal 8

Task 2 Global Political Change

4.0 Influences Policies And Decision-Making 9 – 10
5.0. Evaluation Effectiveness Of The Organization 11 – 12
6.0. Areas For Improvement In The Response 13
Of The Organization Sector
7.0. Conclusion 14
8.0. References 15


In this assignment, I have chosen a company name Anaco Shoe Company Sdn. Bhd. who is a shoe manufacturer and wholesaler. I will provide background of the company, internal influences of the company that contain organization structure, its products and services, SWOT analysis and external influences, PESTLE analysis.

In the year 1982 this young man called Anaco hopefully knew that John Anny could become a leading manufacturing place for the shoe industry in the region. Anaco invested all he has and make sure he found his own company to start manufacturing shoes even though most of shoe companies are existing in the same Area. Anaco imagined that he could make some amendment in the industry and his company thrived. Today Anaco shoes have become one of the no-1 leading shoes in the world with $3.4 billion consumer, Driven Footwear Company with global integrated operations. Delighting consumers with a portion of compelling brands.


Anaco Shoe Company Bhd. has been chosen for this assignment. The reason is due to it was started with a home-based operation until today with own factories and state of the art manufacturing machineries. Anaco was formed in 1982 and was located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The success factors of Anaco is due to having Powerful Designers, advance machineries and efficiency in providing the shoes that match the market??™s demands and needs which always bring some ???surprise??? to the market


Anaco Shoe Company Sdn. Bhd. has been in the footwear industry for more than 28 years primarily in manufacturing and wholesaling of all range of footwear products for men, women, and children and also for commercial needs such as formal shoes or office wear, casual shoes, fashion shoes, sandals, sports shoes, armed forces shoes and industrial safety shoes. In Anaco??™s products and services, he produced more than 40,000 designers which we strongly recommended to our customers, we have our new arrival like GT4-0025-ES=black, red, white/greenback/white camel colors. GT25-0028-MAT=black, white/black, Apricot, white and green. Anaco have a lots of products displayed in their website and showroom, via “”. Besides, Anaco also has a product called speedy Rhino, this product is mainly for athletic, and these can help increase the speed of footstep especial in long jump and 400 meters race. There is allot show in their website, consumer may visited the website for more details on their products and services.


Anaco Investment Company has top management or the leaders of the organizations like CEO, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, INVESTOR, MANAGERS, and PRODUCTION MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES. The investor or shareholder has to ensure that this company is well published in the world as one of the world business today in the society, with various websites show room equipments. They make sure that the organization has all the facilities the company needs to operate or manufacture the best quality shoes in the society. The directors and managers provides weekly conference were each person bring out good suggestion for the benefit or the good of the organization, also throw out the lapses indiscipline poor performance, linkages, misconducts, where the organization are having problems and it will be treated accordingly. The management of this organization is very well organized and united together with one mind, the managements are like one family and are awarded every end of the year closing party. They always travel out to oversee to get more experience at the end of every month methodically.


Anaco provide the easiest communications with customers, they have an intern ate communication which is standby at any given time for customers; whenever the call is made you must be given the answer to your question, as is free of charge to their customers. The managers are well trained with different languages, although English language is main major means of communication but in case customers cannot hear or understand English they have the person in charge to attend the customers with any languages. Anaco do this because business has become a worldwide business. They provide free hand phone with free lines to customers to reach Anaco from anywhere in the world, for those who reach to the selling bonuses.


The success factors of this organization is, Anaco produce a very powerful designers in stylish which other shoes companies has tried to reach to their quality but lack of machineries has made them inactive in designers, every each six months Anaco provide different designers that has never been in the shoe market in the society, provide an adequate experience in which thier employee benefits from it every two weeks, they also provide a good storage system method which enable their products to remain the same quality and last for the period of usage. Anaco survey their storage room or show room every 2 hours by providing a stock keeper which exercises changes of duties in every 12 hours. They make sure that their employee??™s travels to our different branches to give out and get more experiences at the end of every two months.


Anaco??™s products has become no one in the world market competition in today business, it is only Europeans that can be compare with our standard or quality, apart from Europe no other continent can be competed with our products. The United States of America has approved Anaco??™s products in the world market today due to the standard, quality and improvement of our products.


In production and operations even in the organization sector, they have a policies that guides the organization in which anybody weather director or managers even an employs is cut against the rules and regulations of the organization, he or she will be terminated according to section of the bylaws of the organization and will be vanish. Their bylaws or policies are very strong that none of the organization member is above the rules or bylaws and provided adequate rules guiding the employees and customers.

2. 7. R & D / INNOVATION

Anaco conduct or organize an annual party for their members and customers, which normally start every 2nd week of December in every year, due awarded their employees, manager, directors and customers who did well in the previous years. This award is quite different from the end of the year award; this is to enable their employees and the staff to improve more of their talent in the organization.

Anaco mission and vision is to provide good products and good services even solution of the highest quality to our customers and to deliver more values to customers that earns their respect and loyalty to our organization. Anaco also ear to view change in as an opportunity to grow more in the market, to use adequate profits and ability to develop, produce an innovative products and service even to provide solution that will satisfy emerging customers??™ needs.


THE ANACO Shoe Company: SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. Anaco Shoe – SWOT Analysis examines the company??™s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.

Anaco Shoe Company is a producer, wholesaler and retailer of footwear of any types. Anaco Shoe operates in the Malaysia, US, India, China and other countries in Asia. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and employs 14,200 people; this figure includes both full-time and part-time employees. The company recorded revenues of $ 5,276.4 million during the financial year (FY) ended January 2009, a decrease 5.5% over 2008. The operating loss of the company was $135.3 million during FY2009, compared to an operating profit of $74.4 million in 2008. The net loss was $120.5 million in FY2009, as against a net profit of $50.3 million in 2008. The losses are largely attributable to expenses related to impairment of goodwill and intangible assets and restructuring costs.

Due to strong reputation and demand on quality of shoes, Anaco??™s business expanded tremendously into a remarkable SHOES CITY size known as the “ANACO SHOES CITY”. Other than that, Anaco had its Footwear Fashion Events in the wonderful millennium year in several locations i.e. City Square (Johor Bahru), Kelantan Parade (Kelantan), Complex Hang Torah (Melaka), Ipoh Parade (Ipoh), Kotare (Penang), Sunway Pyramid (KL) and Sungai Wang (KL). Furthermore, in order to improve their services from time to time, they will always do market survey by giving questionnaires.

In the national level, the Anaco Shoe Company Bhd. was awarded and certified by The Malaysia Book of Records being the shoes wholesaler & manufacturer with the largest Shoes Showroom in Malaysia measuring 30,600 square fit. This company or organization was chosen to help the entire country (Malaysia) even the whole world. at least we provide footwear??™s for the less privileges in this country at the end of every month through our various branches in the society, the government of this country awarded Anaco as the best shoe manufacturing company because they meet to the standard of the society and ensure that pay governmental taxes to the government at the end of every month.

Due to such large investment, Anaco needed to consider the wider environment and there are a few aspect of the micro-environment that Anaco would need to consider to ensure its competitive advantage.

Anaco shoes is an incorporated company that designs, produce and markets all kinds of foot wears and athletics world wide, apparel, equipment and accessories. Anaco has empowered both traditional and non-traditional distribution channels in 150 countries with universal market region in The United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Anaco has more than 30,000 retailers worldwide including Anaco factory whole house and stores and websites which sell Anaco sport wears and leisure products. Anaco shoes account is 40% of the global market shares in the regional footwear or athletic footwear industries. It being an international organization, needs to focus on macro environmental factors comprised political, economics, society and technology Bookmark.
There are many factors in the macro-environment that will affect the decision of the Anaco Shoe Company Sdn. Bhd. Tax changes, new laws, trade barriers, demographic change and government policy changes are all example of marco change. To help analyse these factor Anaco Shoe Company Sdn. Bhd. can categorise them using the PESTEL modal.

3.1.1 Political
These refer to government policy such as the degree of intervention in the economy of the country. Due to the sovereignty of nations, Anaco Shoes Company might need to comply but can influence the situation by lobbying, directly or through their industry associations, for the issue to be raised during trade negotiations.

3.1.2 Economic
These include interest rates, taxation changes, economic growth, inflation and exchange rates and economic change can have a major impact on Anaco Shoes Companys behavior. For example, higher interest rates may deter investment because it costs more to borrow, inflation may provoke higher wage demands from employees and raise costs and higher national income growth may boost demand for a firms products.
3.1.3 Social
Change in social trend can impact on the demand for a firm??™s products and the availability and willingness of individuals to work. For Anaco, it is in the social trend for customer to want a better quality and fashion product.

3.1.4 Technology
Technology can reduce cost, improve quality and lead to innovation. The development can benefit customer as well as the organization providing the product. Anaco via their R&D and new machinery enable them to produce more quality and reduce the deficiency in their product. This will take Anaco to lead this new technology and gain its competitive advantage.

3.1.5 Environmental and Legal
The growing desire to protect the environment is having an impact on many industries and the general move towards more environmentally friendly products and processes is affecting demand patterns and creating business opportunity. If Anavo product is an impact on contributing to global warming or envelopment pollution, the demand of the product might be reduce. In the other hand, the introduction of age discrimination and disability discrimination legislation, an increase in the minimum wage and greater requirement for firm to recycle are examples of relatively recent laws that affect an organization??™s action. Legal changes can affect a firm??™s cost and also its demand.



The influence on policies and decision making in the US and other parts of the word are policies tend to focus their effort on policy formulation to achieved millennium goal and target in other to sustain the organizations profile. Meanwhile a rich and growing literature has emerge on us for policy making in specific policy sector, yet the gap remains wide between theoretical models which set to explained broad patterns of integration and those which seek argument is that the us is a hothouse for some decision of policy network. in the related development the article reviews the current study of the us union agenda is everywhere a new agenda is emerge under the umbrella of new governance, despite its eclecticism, this agenda argues that the us is not a state, but is a unique system of nonhierarchical, regulatory and deliberative governance, due to the type of government that was operated in the country, so called federalism. There are deliberated suggested a new duality in the study of US between the new governance approach and a less develop rival agenda, which treats us politics and government as not inherently unique, compare the us to other parts of the words systems, explains the outcomes through rational strategic action and suggests that legitimacy can be guaranteed through classic democratic competition over inputs, like wise other parts of the country, like china, India, while the economy forces, may cause towards the organization policies and new methods of decision making. In addition to that, effects of globalization approach by organizations policies may change to, or influences the governance of the country for different types of policy network, for two reasons, first the us lack off the shelf institutions which can facilitate informal bargaining between different type agenda .the policy networks model is place within a broader theoretical framework for studying a decision-making in the us at different level of analysis. In related development, renew interest in theorizing about the process of us policies and decision making integration is reflection in recent scholarship on the political evolution on the us the decision making, in us base on exhaustive research, this book explains how the us makes decision in seven major policy sector. It brings the US alive for a student and non-specialist audience According to the Peterson.E.Bomberg, how analyze the decision making says, based on exhaustive research. The technology advancement and intellectual properties are most development policies focus on improving the well being of individual, but welfare of an individual??™s is an large parts, based on complex integrators within that individuals family or household. The processes by which time, money and other resources are allocated among the individuals, common referred to as into house hold resource allocation are focus of a new volume published jointly by the Jonas??™s simulation model is base on explicit statement of policies (or rules) that govern decision making effecting in accordance with condition that may arise with the system being molested. The decision making process consists of three parts. The formulation of sets of concepts indicating the condition that are desired, the observation of what paper to be the actual condition and the generation of corrective action to bring apparent condition toward desired conditions.

The evolution of effectiveness of the organization is a related problem focus on the time perspective on wishes to use evaluation for example, if current production, short run effectiveness criteria is maximized at of research and development in future products organization may ultimately. The concept of organization effectiveness is repeatedly in the literature on organization, but there is only a rudimentary understanding of what is actually involved in the, or constitutes the concept in the fact. Although effecting is generally considered a desirable, the organization effectiveness is one of the most complex and least tackled problem in the study organization, may difficulties of arise with at tempts to define the concepts of effectiveness adequately, some stem from closeness with the concept become associated the prevailing foremost and implied conception of organizations effectiveness are examined and found deficient when effectiveness is defend with reference to goal attain men, there are both mythological and conceptual problem for the goals are those of person. The field of organization effectives research appears to be in conceptual disarray. Recent summaries the literature reach uniformly negative conclusion. There is only rudimentary understanding of what is actually involved in or constitution the concepts. Although effecting is generally considered a desirable, the organization effectiveness is one of the most complex and least tackled problem in the study organization, may difficulties of arise with at tempts to define the concepts of effectiveness adequately, some stem from closeness with the concept become associated the prevailing foremost and implied conception of organizations effectiveness are examined and found deficient when effectiveness is defend with reference to goal attain men, there are both mythological and conceptual problem for the goals are those of person. The field of organization effectives research appears to be in conceptual disarray. Recent summaries the literature reach uniformly negative conclusion. There is only rudimentary understanding of what is actually involved in or constitution the concepts. The statistics or graphs are showing that, the organization has responded well and grows. The technology advertisement and intellectual properties are most development agenda focus on improving the well being of individual, but the welfare of an individual??™s is an large parts, base on complex integrators within the individuals and the house hold. The process by which time, money and other resources are allocated among the individuals, common referred to as in teahouse hold resource .a simulation model is base on explicitly statement of policies of the organization (or) rules that governed the organization. The condition that may arise with the system being modulated the effectiveness of that of the organization process consisted of parts. The evaluating effectiveness of the organization can be clarified in too many categorists. (a) setting slandered (b) selecting indicator (c) outcomes (d) process (e) structures etc.(a) setting slandered is a use of aspiration level perspective and arguments that organizations goals are functions. (b) Setting indicator; there are those base and the outcome son the process and structures. (c) Outcomes; this is the outcomes materials or object son which the organizations has performs some operations. This are most common effectiveness measurements but can be the most difficult to define and measured. (d) process; processes measured the assess efforts, rattan the effect, some measure work quantity or quality, although they are in some respects a more pure measurement of organizations performance, but there are an assessment of conformity of given objective that can be decoupled from output performance and utility survivals.(e)structures; structural indicators assess the capacity of the organizations for effectiveness performance, this area include the often the organizations features, structures indicators form the basis for accreditation review systems, those the criteria can be displace the goals and the targets of the organizations sometimes. The many of the proposed measure of effectiveness are negatively corrected, we should not expects to find general explanation the will distinguish effectiveness from ineffective organization should find the simple sets of factors theta account for the effectiveness of the organizations The recognition and award they have gained over the years that reflect responses to global political changes, most especially in the Asia countries have gain most, more than other parts of the worlds therefore organizations is regards to global political change. Mean why all the efforts make or the step follows is to makes sure that the profile of the organization was sustains, to avoid bad reputation that is the effects of globalization approaches by the organizations why the statistics or graphs show that organization has responded well to political changes and growth all over the sword.

Rational perspective emphasize goal attainment and focus on the output variables such as quality and the quantity, productivity and efficiency why the natural perspectives focus on the support goals of the organizations such as perspective satisfactory, moral interpersonal skill etc. open system perspective focus on the exchanges with the environment- this includes processing information profitability adaptability.

Because the public organization often operating in non market condition, this means the direct link between the serves of the organizations provides and the incomes. We would expect different groups in the different measures in the organizations managers, it may emphasize structural features because there are more under the control, we would expect workers to emphasize processing measurement. Lint and customers will naturals focus on the output measurements (meets, needs and, expectation, promptness, courtesy and sensitivity) etc .it mean that there is a bias mind in the literature to towards the structure and process measurement of the organizations .given the complexity of the organizations, we should find the simple set of factors that accounts for effectiveness either mooch of the popular management literature identifies simple factors that only partially explain effectiveness.

Another perspective holds the organizations are collections of subgroup of perspective with the skills. There are usually multiplying the goals within the organizations multiple interrelation for the organizations of this goals workers wants the wages there are often as universal and objectives by using logic in the organizations. In other to sustains the efficiency of the organization profile, finally all the efforts and step s makes, for the organization is the footsteps of organizations, so that people will not put bias mind to workers, to avoid division of labored in the organization, so that the millennium goal and targets of the organization will be achieved, therefore globalization of the approach of the organization is regards to the political changes.


Anaco shoe provides or replace the elevated heel neutralizes the plantar flexed position of the foot, this can restore heel strike and allows the tibia to be vertical, to stand erect at instance. Excessive stretch of the coif muscles also is avoided so their plasticity is not aggravated. The critical weakness proved was the dominant distability. Anaco shoes assisted our patient to use simpler means of attaining stance stability and initial knee flexion. We provide a strong advantages when a shoe sleeting a shoe with proper mechanics and accurate fitting. Anaco shoe has continuously used and advertised the product called Anaco shoe in the Area. We have registered trademarks for Anaco shoes and our super products with the Wisconsin secretary of the state. We currently spent over millions of money a year advertising its stores under these names and it has captured a significant evident of great Anaco shoe market. The Anaco shoe name is well known in the society. Investing in Anaco shoes c company will bring more experience to all our investors. At least we have different investors all over the world and we are serving to the best, why not try Anaco shoes today and you life will change from nothing to something.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Anaco shoes are highly acknowledging you Mrs.: Carolyn Clawson, The pioneer empirical studies of shoe fitting in MS patients.

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